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Back pain in dogs

A dog's back pain can be caused by a number of reasons. There are many conditions that can cause back pain, such as an injury to the muscles of the back or a herniated disc.
There are several different symptoms that can indicate a dog has back pain, some examples are:
  • The dog has difficulty changing position between lying, sitting or standing
  • The dog no longer shakes or stops a shake in mid-movement
  • The dog moves in a hunched, stiff and tense manner, cautiously and slowly
  • The dog may appear depressed due to pain
If your dog shows obvious discomfort when you press on its back, for example, you should contact a vet as soon as possible, as well as if you have noticed other abnormal symptoms such as those described above.
If your dog's back is so painful that it has difficulty getting up, standing, walking or becoming wobbly, you should consider it an emergency. In this case, you must see a vet immediately, without delay, so that your dog can be examined quickly.
If you are unsure whether your dog has back pain and needs to see a physical veterinarian, we recommend that you contact a digital veterinarian who can make an initial assessment via video. As a Lassie insurance customer, you have free calls to FirstVet!

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